The year 2015 has been awesome for our company as we've witnessed tremendous growth...So we are looking to recruit more AWESOME people into our team! 

Receive Mentorship & Guidance

You’ll be personally mentored by experienced entrepreneurs as you’ll be working closely with us and the dynamic team that we’re building. So if you believe in working for knowledge and working for experience and you believe in learning and growing… There will be AMPLE opportunities for you.

Your Big Chance to Meet and Work With Positive & Like-Minded People

You’ll also be joining a young and dynamic team that is motivated to create a positive change in your life! And one of the perks of joining a small growing team is, we treat everyone like family and you can expect much fun and also long lasting friendships to be built

We have the following immediate position to fill:

PHP/Wordpress Developer:

Job Scope:

- Able to customize Wordpress Template (customize layouts, effects, navigation, menu, theme, colors,etc...) - Able to implement a complete e-commerce solutions. - Able to configure cloud hosting solutions ( Amazon WS , Microsoft Azure or Google cloud) - Good programming background and able to learn new technologies quickly.

Required Skills:

- PHP Programming ( minimum 1-year experience) - HTML/CSS/Javascript - Responsive Web Design ( Bootstrap) - WooCommerce ( for Wordpress)

Bonus Points:

- Server-side programming - My SQL programming - Wordpress extension - Mobile App Programming

Salary and Rewards:

- from $500 to $800/month - Various bonuses ( paid monthly/ yearly/project-basis) - Profit sharing - Opportunity for stock options

 Call  0917543189  or Email us at: career@treemedia.biz

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